Resources Links

Although the internet is a very resourceful medium , getting the right information when confronted with a medical condition may not be easy. Many sites provide technically incorrect information which can lead to misconceptions about eye conditions and treatment. This can lead to unnecessary anxiety and fear. I have enumerated authentic websites imparting the right information written by people who are well versed and have expertise in their field. Patients can write to me using the e-mail contact and I will endeavour to provide an answer.

  • Macular society :
    The macular society supports those with macular degeneration their families and carers. They offer counselling and also support research in this field.
  • RNIB (Royal National institute of blind people) :
    This is a good resource for people suffering from visual impairment. They provide support, information and advice. They also campaign to prevent avoidable sight loss, raise funds to support visually impaired people.
  • Diabetes UK :
    It is a community of patients suffering from diabetes, and helps their families, friends, and their carers. A good resource for patients suffering from diabetes. It covers all the different systems the disease can potentially affect.
  • Royal college of Ophthalmologist :
    This site provides information and advice to patients. There are leaflets explaining about common eye conditions.
  • DVLA
    This link provides information about the legal requirement for driving in the UK.
  • AAO (American academy of ophthalmology )
    This website gives at a glance all the common eye conditions, provides authentic scientific explanation which can be understood by everyone.